If you want to learn more about JMU's Formal Recruitment process, visit our Recruitment page!

JMU Alpha Phi can't wait to share our sisterhood with New Members.  After recruitment, we will all celebrate together at Bid Celebration (also known as Bid-Cel), which kicks off Alpha Phi's six-week New Member Program.  At the end of your New Member process, you will become an initiated member of Alpha Phi.  Throughout this process you will meet weekly with the New Member Educator to learn about what it means to be an Alpha Phi.  At this time you will also bond with your pledge sisters and will learn how to become actively involved on campus and how to have a successful college career.

During each week of your new member process, you will be paired up with an "Ivy Linker" (a sister of Alpha Phi) and that sister will spend time getting to know you.  Maybe she will take you out for ice cream, maybe you will attend one of the intramural sports games, or maybe you will just watch Grey's Anatomy and eat pizza - it's up to you!

About half way through your new member process, you will meet your "big sister" who will be a part of your Alpha Phi family.  Big-Little is one of the most exciting events in your Alpha Phi experience.  Most of the time your big will be someone that you bonded closely with throughout your first few weeks as an Alpha Phi.

The week of initiation is an exciting time as you reflect on Alpha Phi's values and what it means to be a sister of Alpha Phi.  Throughout your first year in Alpha Phi, you will find these moments and countless others to be lifelong memories.